Since Last Tracker

Track the last time since you did something... effortlessly!

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Effortless habit monitoring

Easily record any activity, item or event and track when is the last time it occurs.

Historical summary

Small steps every day add up to big achievements over time. Measure & review habit progress with a historical summary.

historical summary

Gesture and touch

Swipe right to reset or swipe left to delete. As simple as that!

gesture and touch

Habit in a glance

Track your habit progress/streak easily.

habit progress

Hassle-free tracking

Navigate and search activity with a quick search feature.

hassle free tracking

The more activity I keep track, the more I know about my habit. It helps me to be a better person.

- John

Now I can effectively monitor my smoking habit.

- Danial

When is the last time you met your friends? How frequent it is? This app will tell you.

- Sarah

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