Sincey: Track the last time since you did something... effortlessly!

Founders: Irsyad & Shafika

Launched: December 2018

Based in: Penang, Malaysia

When was the last time you went to the grocery store, exercised, or re-evaluating your life purpose? You may wish an app that simply track the last time an event or activity occur like the one we commonly see in the construction site, “___ days since last accident”.

Sincey is a sort of task manager that remembers when you last you did an important task. It doesn't bug you to do things but just reminds you how much time has passed since the previous occurrence so you can nag to own self. This app is pretty intuitive. You add tasks you just did and watch them pop up in your list. When you complete any task, just swipe the list and then tap reset. Your counter will reset to zero days and you can enjoy the fact that you're not falling behind.

sincey screenshot 1

sincey screenshot 2

sincey screenshot 3

sincey screenshot 4

Motivating new habit starts with small steps every day add up to significant achievements over time. Sincey can be used as a reference to motivate and observe either for self-enhancement or avoiding bad habit . The historical summary feature that allows you to measure and review habit progress makes this app pretty neat.

Sincey is free to download with in-app purchase of $1.99 for a premium user. Premium user has an unlimited item to register in the list. The app is attractive, easy to use, and offers an effortless way to get things done with regularity.

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